RECIPE: Boerenkool (met worst)

Our January dish is also a tribute to our Dutch butcher Mike, this traditional dish is warming and hearty plus the kale adds a healthy touch. We love one pot wonders and the Boerenkool (met worst) couldn’t be easier to make.

Kale in Dutch is boerenkool, broken down boeren=farmers, kool=cabbage and for this recipe we are going to add met worst=with sausage. This is a butcher shop after all and Mike the Butcher specializes in making sausages.

The sausage we recommend for this dish is the Kielbasa, Mike the Butcher makes his using a local pork. The fine, juicy consistency will offset any bitterness from the superfood Kale.

Serves 4


1 large bunch kale

6 large white potatoes

2 tablespoons butter

1/2 cup whole milk

4 Kielbasa sausages

salt and pepper - to taste

wholegrain mustard for serving



1.     Cut the kale from the stems and slice into large strips.

2.     Peel potatoes, cut into quarters, and place in large soup pot or Dutch oven. Add enough water to cover the potatoes. Place kale on top, then sausage.

3.     Cover and bring to a boil.

4.     Lower heat and cook for twenty minutes, or until potatoes break apart when stuck with a fork.

5.     Remove sausage and drain off any extra water. Add milk, butter, seasoning, then mash until creamy.

6.     Serve with our sliced Kielbasa sausages and whole grain mustard.

eet smakelijk!